Rezvan Rasouli


                    My holistic, yet interdisciplinary practice is comprised of drawing, along with a variety of other methods such as installation, photography, video and ceramics. In addition to viscerally worked drawings, my investigations include installation, video and the manipulation of light. The essence of my work is distilled from merging American Modern Abstraction, Abstract expressionism, Minimalism, etc, with influences of eastern abstract art, such as patterned tiles, carpets, etc, based on my own experience in Iranian and Chinese culture. The use of lighting in my work is inspired by the presence and effects of light in Iranian art, including the light and shadows found in architecture and references to light in literature. For me light is more than what we can see from the perceivable light of the sun or other sources of light. Light can function as a metaphor; knowledge is a light that brightens mind. I thus make use of various approaches to lighting within the drawing process (backlighting, lighting from beneath) as well as in my installations. Additionally, my studies of Daoism and Chinese paintings have an effect on the genesis and final presentation of my work. As Dao means "path", I look to my art practice as a process.

            My studies about cultural subjects such as light and Daoism mostly result in abstract forms. The abstract elements in my work are generally relegated to simple lines and various textures. Acts of destruction-burning, dissolving and gouging- are evident in the drawings. Echoing entropy, the initial marks and textures are often destroyed in the making process. The use of light and acts of destruction are two main themes in my work. Using fire to affect my work represents this dichotomy.